Trump not welcome!

Trump not welcome – Stay out of Davos

Donald Trump wants to travel to Switzerland. We say: Trump not welcome!

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US President Donald Trump stands for racism, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, sexism, misogyny, warmongering, climate denial, attacks on human rights and a policy that deepens poverty and inequality.

Now Donald Trump plans to travel to the WEF in Davos in January to explain and defend his policy of "America First." Shouldn't it be called
"The World First?” A policy based solely on selfishness, growth and power does not lead to prosperity or peace. We have to resist Trump's inhuman policy! We demand "The World First, not America First!"

Join in the protest and let us all say together: Trump not welcome -
stay out of Davos!

A Washington Post survey shows that Donald Trump has demonstrably lied six times a day since assuming office. What is true or wrong does not matter to him. It is almost impossible to enumerate what Donald Trump did since taking office. He supported the arch-conservative Senate candidate Roy Moore, who is accused of the abuse of minors by several women. After a Nazi assassination in Charlottesville, he publicly defended the Nazis. The US has cancelled the Paris Climate Agreement. Marine protected areas are to be cancelled and safety regulations for oil wells weakened. Etc., etc. ad infinitum.

A president, a human being who does not believe in anything that, in our view, constitutes a civilized society, has no place here in Switzerland.

Trump not welcome -
stay out of Davos!



Trump not welcome - stay out of Davos

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