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Our mission

Campax is an independent Swiss campaigning organization that leads campaigns about the important issues of our time.

We involve people in the decision-making and organize ourselves in a way that best suits our cause. Always digital, sometimes local, sometimes regional, and often national.

Our mission is to protect and to advance our open democracy. We stand for a fair and green economy and for a society that is founded on solidarity and compassion.

After a decade of sobering developments in Swiss politics, it’s now time to get organized. Without party ties or ideological narrow-mindedness, we fight for the future of Switzerland we envision.

People who participate in our campaigns become part of the Campax community and help to uphold our shared values.

By standing strong and united for our principles, we engage in the political debate and shift its balance of power. Thus strengthened, we meet the challenges of our time.

In order to determine our thematic priorities and to re-evaluate them periodically, Campax holds local meetings and conducts surveys online.

Your inputs are of the utmost importance to Campax’ success. Only if people stand behind our campaigns with dedication, we can change the things that matter most to us.

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