More than 100,000 people fight against Credit Suisse's profit from toxic waste

Box mit Unterschriften Petitionsübergabe 100000 fordern Ditch Ocean Dumping / Kein Profit mit Giftmüll von der Credit Suisse
20 Nov 19
Urs Arnold

We are now over 100,000 people who are demanding from Credit Suisse: No profit from toxic waste!

This afternoon we visited Credit Suisse at its headquarters on Paradeplatz. Together with Pro Natura / Friends of the Earth Switzerland and SumOfUs, we presented a representative of the bank with a petition initiated by the international consumer group with over 100,000 signatures.​

On this occasion, we once again urged the major Swiss bank to stop doing business with mining companies that unscrupulously dispose of toxic waste in the sea.

Petitionsübergabe 100000 fordern Ditch Ocean Dumping / Kein Profit mit Giftmüll von der Credit Suisse

Credit Suisse maintains business relationships with three companies that have jointly disposed of millions of tons of toxic mining waste in a Norwegian fjord, Papua New Guinea, and Turkey - or are planning to do so.1 Mercury, arsenic, lead and more than three dozen other chemicals are dumped carelessly into the sea. Where the population fishes and swims, this extremely harmful chemical cocktail poisons the water, killing flora and fauna.

Despite these catastrophic consequences and the fact that one of its main competitors, Citigroup, has already abandoned its links to such marine pollution2, Credit Suisse continues to support these mining companies. Credit Suisse refuses to commit to a responsible investment policy. Credit Suisse's profits from the irreversible destruction of our environment are shameful. Especially for a bank that claims to have a "sustainable positive impact.

For more than a year now, together with Earthworks, SumOfUs & Naturvernforbundet - Friends of the Earth Norway and other organizations in the Ditch Ocean Dumping Coalition, we have been urging Credit Suisse to assume its responsibility and no longer expose people and the environment to the above-mentioned dangers. Together, we are continuously increasing the pressure on the big bank to get out of this dirty business.