Launch of the Correction Initiative!

11 Dec 18 the Council of States failed to adopt the motion to "broaden the democratic basis of arms exports", the Correction Initiative was launched on 11 December 2018. The initiative - which is supported by a broad alliance - demands that parliament and the population have a say in regulations on the export of war materials. Sign now!

The basic regulations on the export of war material should therefore be laid down in the constitution. Arms exports to countries involved in an internal or international armed conflict must be prevented once and for all. In addition, weapons should no longer be allowed to be exported to countries that systematically and seriously violate human rights. This last demand corresponds to the War Material Ordinance of 2014. 

The launch of the Correction Initiative ensures that Switzerland's humanitarian tradition is maintained and that the democratic codetermination of the population is guaranteed. 

It is our aim to collect the necessary signatures for the correction initiative as quickly as possible in order to send a strong signal against Switzerland's disgraceful arms exports! Will we make it by Christmas? Sign now:

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