Bannerprotest on Elhorn: Trump not welcome!

Thursday, 25. January 2018
Andreas Freimüller

A group of 7 climbers hung a 60m banner with the message "Trump not welcome" in the wall of the Elhorn near Sargans.

With this spectacular protest, the progressive Swiss campaign organisation Campax is protesting against US President Trump's visit to Switzerland today. 

More than 17,000 people have signed our petition "Trump not welcome" in a short time, said the chair of the board of Campax, Andreas Freimüller, on the spot in Sargans. "With our campaign, we're ensuring that this message reaches President Trump. Be it during a flyby through the valley here or through his daily television consumption. We hope, Foxnews will cover our protest, too".

U. S. President Donald Trump stands for racism, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, sexism, hostility towards women, warfare, denial of climate change, attacks on human rights and a policy that deepens poverty and inequality.

It is important to remain critical and continue to resist the misanthropic policies of Administration Trump, despite the fact that Donald Trump gives an average of six lies a day and the resulting wear and tear. This is what we are doing with our protest today.

High-resolution images for download ( Foto Antonino Panté)
Video of today's action for download (©Petit Grégoire)

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Campax is an independent Swiss campaign organisation that runs campaigns on the important issues of our time. Our mission is to maintain and develop Switzerland's open democracy. We are committed to a fair and green economy and a socially supportive society that respects each other.

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