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Campax is a newly founded, progressive Swiss NGO based in Zurich. In accordance with Swiss law, Campax is an incorporated association. We campaign for a solidary society, a sustainable economy and an intact environment. Our activity started in the beginning of 2017, now we're going to rock Switzerland!

Board of the association​ Campax

Andreas Freimüller, founding member and president of the association Campax

Andreas FreimüllerAndreas Freimüller has worked in campaigning for twenty-five years. Starting off as an activist at Greenpeace, he’s been a consultant for some fifteen years. Infamous for launching his very own campaigns, he was given the nickname Mammoth Hunter when he successfully challenged one of Economiesuisse’s campaigns and made them surrender under public pressure. To give more room to this passion of his, he co-founded Campax.

Contact: 044 515 02 47, +41 79 251 38 35,


Noemi Gruetter, activist, campaigner, student

Noemi studies international relations in Geneva and is passionately committed to migration, women's and human rights and youth issues. In 2016 she became UN Youth Delegate of Switzerland. She gained her first campaign experience with migration and women's rights projects and with Save the Children Switzerland. She will bring her youthful and feminist view to the work of Campax.



Benjamin Zumbühl, activist, mechanic, trade unionist and cyclist

Benjamin is passionately involved as an online and offline activist in campaigns on social and ecological issues. On a bicycle tour halfway around the world, he realized that human rights, democracy, equal opportunities and an intact environment are very precious and fragile goods that must be defended again and again.



Eva Suss, campaigner, Organizing Director Campact e.V.

Eva's first political act was to send a letter to Jacques Chirac at the age of 12, asking him to stop the nuclear tests in the South Pacific.
Since then, she has been involved in student representation, took to the streets for peace and equal educational opportunities, and organized a festival against the right.
As Organizing Director of Campact e.V. Germany, she brings her many years of experience in campaign work to Campax.



Martin Diethelm, founding member and vice president

Martin DiethelmMartin Diethelm has been enthusiastic about participative campaigns for twenty-five years. His passion is bringing people together and making change happen.
Many organizations have profited from Martin Diethelm’s experience and knowledge and several of their price-winning projects were carried out by his hand.

Contact: 044 515 02 47, +41 79 612 50


Balthasar Glättli, member of the National Council for the Green Party, campaign office owner

Balthasar is member of the National Council for the Green Party and owner of politbüro kampagnen und webdesign. He contributes his knowledge of the processes in the capital Bern and his digital campaigning know-how to the board on a voluntary basis, because it is important to him that Campax, as a progressive online (and offline) movement in Switzerland, exerts pressure for a more ecological and solidarity-based policy.




Sven Fäh, fundraiser and founding member

Sven Fäh, soon to be known as Glücksfäh, is a notorious fundraiser. Bringing people together, igniting enthusiasm for good ideas, and raising funds for meaningful projects is his passion. From charitable rubber duck races for those affected by cancer, to capital campaigns for unemployed people—anything goes, no matter what the cause.

Contact: +41 79 717 16



Urs Arnold, campaigner and employee of the first hour

Urs ArnoldUrs enthusiastically follows the latest developments of the (digital) world. Ever since university, he’s had an avid interest in history and the subjects of social change, the public, and democracy. On the side he’s been organizing concerts and parties because his greatest passion is music, second only to Campax.

Contact: 044 515 02 46, +41 78 677 51


Former board members & current companions

Grégoire Vuilleumier, musician, campaigner

Grégoire a.k.a. Greis, has been on the forefront of the Swiss rap scene for fifteen years. Numerous national and international awards bear witness to his success. Greis’ concerns about social grievances and the downside of globalization are reflected both in his lyrics and in his involvement in various organizations.



Reda el Arbi, journalist, blogger, activist

Reda El ArbiReda is a journalist, blogger and activist and brings his experience as a campaigner and communicator to Campax. Especially the important work in social media benefits a lot from his knowledge as a gifted social media communicator.


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