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Campax is a newly founded, progressive Swiss NGO based in Zurich. In accordance with Swiss law, Campax is an incorporated association. We campaign for a solidary society, a sustainable economy and an intact environment. Our activity started in the beginning of 2017, now we're going to rock Switzerland!


Urs Arnold, Campaigner and employee of the first hour

Urs ArnoldUrs is passionate about the latest developments in the (online) world. But he is also deeply interested in history. At university, he has studied social change, the public sphere and democracy intensively ...and organized several concerts and parties. His greatest passion is music, second only to Campax.

Contact: 044 500 76 05, +41 78 677 51


Iared Camponovo, Campaigner


Iared is a linguistic talent with a political mission. Now he is driving Campax's mission forward - among other things, so that Campax can gain a better foothold in French-speaking Switzerland and hopefully soon in Ticino. He has been politically active for a long time and in recent years has been active in different organisations throughout Switzerland. In his free time he makes music and translates and writes articles and reports on political topics.  

Contact044 515 76


Angelina Dobler, Campaigner

Angelina completed both an apprenticeship and a degree in political science, social anthropology and environmental sciences, while at the same time advocating in various ways for the protection of the environment, animals and the sea. Feminism and gender are also very important issues for her, which is why she is committed to more equal rights and opportunities. In her free time, Angelina can be found either doing sports, in nature or at a protest.

Contact044 500 76


Gion-Andrea Gianelli, Praktikant Campaigning, Fundraising

Gion hat sich bereits als Jugendlicher für politische und historische Zusammenhänge interessiert und sich an verschiedenen Anlässen für eine gerechte und solidarische Gesellschaft eingesetzt. Als Politik- und Geschichtsstudent ist er um die Verbindung von Wissenschaft und Campaigning bemüht und versucht so die Mission von Campax voranzutreiben. In der Freizeit findet man Gion in den Bergen, auf Reisen, am musizieren oder bei allem zusammen.

Kontakt: 044 500 76


Andreas Freimüller, Managing Director of the association Campax

Andreas FreimüllerAndreas has been involved with campaigns for over 25 years. Formerly with Greenpeace, he worked for over 15 years as a consultant. He prefers to lead campaigns himself. He became known to a wider audience as a mammoth hunter when he single-handedly fought against Economiesuisse and forced them to abandon a campaign. To give this passion more space, he co-founded Campax.

Contact: 044 500 76 03+41 79 251 38




Board of the association​ Campax

Alexandra Dufresne, Activist, lawyer and lecturer

Alexandra comes from America and is a lawyer specializing in immigration, a law lecturer, a political writer and an activist. As head of the activist group Action Together: Zurich, CH, she has already devised and carried out various campaigns and actions with a wide reach. An immigrant's view of Switzerland and its challenges helps to ensure that the Campax Board of Directors is less susceptible to the Swiss-centric tunnel vision.



Benjamin Zumbühl, President of the association Campax, Managing director VCS Kanton Bern, activist and bicycle enthusiast

Benjamin is passionately involved as an online and offline activist in campaigns on social and ecological issues. On a bicycle tour halfway around the world, he realized that human rights, democracy, equal opportunities and an intact environment are very precious and fragile goods that must be defended again and again.



Deborah Berra, Managing director Kindernothilfe Schweiz, feminist, activist

Politicized at an early age and highly interested in politics, Deborah is critical of current developments on many issues. She is particularly interested in gender issues and international justice. It is her concern to actively engage in various social concerns. As managing director of Kindernothilfe Schweiz, she knows the challenges in small NGOs very well and can contribute these experiences perfectly to Campax.



Balthasar Glättli, Member of the National Council for the Green Party, campaign office owner

Balthasar is member of the National Council for the Green Party and owner of politbüro kampagnen und webdesign. He contributes his knowledge of the processes in the capital Bern and his digital campaigning know-how to the board on a voluntary basis, because it is important to him that Campax, as a progressive online (and offline) movement in Switzerland, exerts pressure for a more ecological and solidarity-based policy.



Payal Parekh, Migrant, environmental scientist, campaigner and activist

Andreas FreimüllerPayal was on her first demonstration at the age of 17 and from then on belonged to different movements on three continents. Most recently, she was international programme director at the climate campaign organisation and was responsible for the successful online to offline strategy. When Payal isn't doing alpine sports, you can find her on demos and actions about the climate and the rights of migrants* and asylum seekers in her chosen hometown Bern.







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