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Down with the tampon tax!

The period is not a luxury!

7.7% VAT on feminine hygiene products is Bloody unfair - therefore: down with the tampon tax!

Protect the Amazon rainforests and indigenous peoples!

Sign the petition and call on Federal President Ueli Maurer, at his meeting with President Bolsonaro, to insist on the protection of the Amazon and the indigenous peoples of Brazil!

Campax launches SwissLeaks

The fate of Adam Quadroni has touched many people in Switzerland, including us. Campax is launching SwissLeaks today to ensure that no whistleblower in Switzerland will experience a similar fate in the future.

Get involved - start your own campaign

The most important thing is that we empower many people to take things into their own hands and fight for their concerns. 

That's why we launched ACT. With Campax's new petition platform, you can make a difference.

Here we go! Start your own campaign today!

ACT is currently only available in german an french. the Council of States failed to adopt the motion to "broaden the democratic basis of arms exports", the Correction Initiative was launched on 11 December 2018. The initiative - which is supported by a broad alliance - demands that parliament and the population have a say in regulations on the export of war materials. Sign now!

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30 AktivistInnen haben am 15. Mai 2018 die Petition "Keine Waffenexporte in Bürgerkriegsländer" der Bundeskanzlei übergeben. Mit dabei waren auch die Nationalrätin Lisa Mazzone und die Nationalräte Beat Flach und Balthasar Glättli. Für über 12'000 Unterzeichnete war die Sache klar: die Schweiz kann nicht mit ihren guten Diensten Friedensförderung betreiben und gleichzeitig Waffen in Konfliktländer liefern. Ein Teilnehmer von heute hat es selber erlebt: er wurde im als IKRK-Delegierter im Biafra-Krieg selber in einem Flugzeug mit Schweizer Geschützen und Schweizer Munition beschossen!